If you are new to steroids, which one will you choose, oral or injectable?

Most bodybuilders who are into steroids had also gone to that dilemma when they wanted faster results. While some prefer one over the other, this article will surely help you decide which route you will be trekking. Oral steroids are taken through the mouth, while injectable forms are administered subcutaneously using a syringe. Both will get you to where you want to be but may differ in many ways.


Other steroid users find the injectable form more convenient because they can administer it not as often, unlike when taking oral steroids.

Ability to Achieve Quick Results

Bodybuilders may not want to wait long to see their desired results. Oral steroids are the faster option. Once they are ingested, they are readily absorbed through the bloodstream, transported, and evenly distributed to your muscle cells.

Quality of Results

Injectable steroids are administered directly on muscles tissues and may not support even distribution as it is not carried through the bloodstream. Although the effect may not be as quick as that of oral steroids, bodybuilders say that the results are far more satisfying. This may be because the target muscle groups are selected, boosting nitrogen in muscle cells.


The half-life of steroids is defined as “the required time for the steroids to be decreased into half of the dose originally administered to the body.” Injectable steroids have longer half-lives. This means that the steroids are continually working for an extended time, which allows you not to take injections as often compared to when you are taking oral steroids.


As oral steroids are carried through the bloodstream and are evenly distributed, more organs and cells are affected along the way. Unlike when you are into injectable steroids that are directed only to the target muscles.

Oral steroids are also taken more frequently than injectables because they have a shorter half-life. This means that cells are more exposed to hazards that steroids can give.

Side Effects

body builderAlthough some side effects are present in both, those from oral steroids are more profound. They include liver damage, decrease libido, muscle atrophy, and dependency. Injectable steroids can also cause coughing, excessive swearing at night, and dark urine.

So which one should you choose? You have an option if you still cannot decide which one is best for you. Maybe, you try balancing your intake of both.

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