Electronic cigarettes are not only the new and refined but also healthier and cooler alternatives to the standard traditional tobacco cigarettes. These cigarettes are designed to produce a quality highly concentrated, smokeless vapor trough utilizing a heating element that is typically powered by a battery. You can easily turn Wax to Oil using these cigarettes. These cigarettes resemble a normal pen hence they are referred to as vape pens. With these enhanced cigarettes you can add oils, liquid nicotine or even wax solutions or even so as to enhance your smoking experience.

Nonetheless, vape market is full of with a broad range of options making it difficult for a buyer to select. You will need to select the best flavored, durable and versatile pen that will allow you the ultimate vaping experience. There are a variety of ways of getting a vape pen full of juice including using a Magical Butter Machine to trim or bud and making it in a crock pot then infusing your marijuana into your vegetable glycerine, the safest way of making e-juice is using wax.

Tips on Turning Wax Into Oil for E-Cigarettescigarettes


  • Bottle of EJMix
  • 1 gram hash oil


  • Flatten one gram of wax in a ceramic bowl.
  • Proceed to shatter the hash oil concentrate. To ensure the wax does not stick to the spoon, lay a piece of wax paper at the top of your gram.
  • Go ahead and melt your wax. You can melt by placing the bowl of wax in warm water for some minutes or through popping it into a microwave then using the defrosting setting until it is all melted.
  • You can then add 30 drops of EJMix into the wax and stir for approximately one minute. Wait until all the wax, and EJ MIX is duly incorporated.
  • Once the mixture is combined, allow it to cool completely. When the mixture is cold, it usually has the consistency of honey. In case your mixture is too thick that it cannot pour you should warm it again gently then add a few drops of EJ.

EJMix is usually a blend of varyingsmoking types of food-grade propylene glycol. Specifically, it contains Polyethylene Glycol and Propylene Glycol which are used to make commercial e-juice. The reason EJMix is used in making the wax juice is that it is stable and it does not separate and works well with crumbly waxes. Turning Hash oil EJMix into an e-juice for the pen vaporizer is extremely easy and efficient.

There are many ways to enjoy marijuana without actually smoking it. Making an e-juice made of wax is easy yet efficient. You can now make your wax e-juice and have a relaxing experience.

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