Every player, whether old or young, should select a good pair of playing shoes. There are many designed and models of shoes in the market that makes the selection process more difficult. This write-up is going to share the important factors that need to be considered when selecting the right pair of soccer boots. Some of these factors include the player’s budget, style of playing, and the playing position.

Material Used

pure leather soccer boots

These products are made using different materials such as pure and synthetic leather. Players are provided with plenty of options to select from. The following are the different types of materials used by various companies:
K-Leather– Most companies use kangaroo leather to make soccer boots. These boots are available in the market and they are known for their ultra soft material. K-leather shoes are durable.
Synthetic leather– Most of the tops brands including Adidas and Nike use synthetic leather. These products have qualities that are almost similar to those of natural leather. Some f their unique traits include waterproofing and durability.
Natural leather– They are mainly obtained from goat and calfskin. This material is used in making top-level boots that have a unique feel.


You should select boots that are suitable to the pitches where you play. Sometimes you will find players playing on slippery or muddy pitches. Others play on artificial turf throughout the year. The most recommended boot is an FG boot. This pair of shoe is well-designed and is known for performing effectively on nearly all the surfaces. The other pairs of shoes that you can choose include:

  • HG-Hard ground-They are ideal for dry places
  • AT-Turf- They are perfect for artificial surfaces
  • IN-indoor- Meant for indoor soccer courts
  • SG-Soft Ground- they are specially designed for soft surfaces. They come with replaceable studs.


Actual Weight of the Soccer Boot

light soccer boot

This is another important area that players need to explore when making their choice. Their average weight ranges from 5.0oz mark to 11oz mark. The heaviest model is Adidas Copa. Puma, Adidas and Pele sports are some of the companies that design superlight boots.


You should choose a product that is within your budget. Players can grab high–quality boots by shopping around and looking for great deals. They can also find exclusive deals by visiting the available online sites. You can also save money by making your purchase at the end of the season this is the time when stores are planning to bring new models and do away with the old ones.

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